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T78 Tomyum More Fire ~ $78

a creamy, hot and sour soup, cooked with 2 lbs. of giant fresh river prawns. This soup exhibits four clear flavors: unapologetic sourness, bold spiciness, distinct saltiness with notes of compromising sweetness. Featuring all four of the famous Thai flavors — salty, sour, sweet, and spicy, this soup is an amalgamation of the Thai holy trinity served in fire pot — (lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, mushroom, tomato, red onion, cilantro and Thai chili)

S5 Veggie Benja ~ $9.99 / 16.99

Five kinds (or more) of our chef’s selected organic vegetables with signature sesame-ginger dressing.

A12 Poké Bites ~ $11.11

Diced sashimi salmon mixed in our signature dressing laying on Thai Crispy wonton skin served as an appetizer. (Green onion and cilantro)

A14 Shrimp Chanel (Going Share Nampla) ~ $14.44

Sashimi shrimp soaked in Thai spicy garlic lemon sauce and served with chunks of bitter melon, cloves of garlic and cilantro. One of the best pairing appetizer with your drinks. — (garlic, cilantro and bitter lemon)

A13 Soured Pork Ribs (Nham Si Krong Moo Tod) ~ $13.33

Fermented pork ribs that are sour in a certain level with our signature soured pork ribs which are one of our most well-known appetizer in Thailand also drinker’s favorite. — (whole peanut, slice garlic, cilantro, Thai chili and fresh ginger.)

R15 Milk Fish Tod Nampla ~ $33.33

deep fried boneless Milk fish with sweet fish sauce,served with housemade Thai spicy seafood sauce. — (lettuce, red onion, green apple, cashew nut)

R16 Bermuda White Bass ~ $66.66

whole White Bass, fried until crispy and then showered with tri-flavors sauce ; spicy, sweet and sour made of garlic, palm sugar and chilies. (Mixed bell pepper, white onion, crispy basil)

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